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Stetro Pencil Grip

Specially formed to hold the fingers in...

Price: R7,50

Medium Triangle Pencil Grip

This grip will fit most pencils and is...

Price: R5,60

Training Scissors

A strong pair of blunt-ended stainless...

Price: R17,50

Stainless Steel R/H Blunt Nose Scissors

For the right handed child. Round...

Price: R13,50

Left Hand Scissors

Left handed-round nose-stainless steel...

Price: R13,50

Large 210mm Scissors

210mm Scissors with stainless steel...

Price: R45,00

Ambi Scissors 2 in 1

These 12,5cm top quality scissors are...

Price: R17,50

Pritt Stick 20grm

20gram Pritt Stick.

Price: R27,50

Pritt Stick 40grm

40gram Pritt Stick.

Price: R52,00

Amos Glue Stick 35grm

Price: R19,95

Amos Glue stick 22grm

22gram Amos Glue Stick.

Price: R14,50

Sello Tape Clear tape+dispenser

Cello tape 12mmx66mm clear.

Price: R6,65

Prestick 100grm

Simply press and stick and get...

Price: R19,95

Clear Bostick

Bostik Clear is strong, clear,...

Price: R26,00

Teddy Wax Crayons

9 Thick Wax Crayons.

Price: R24,00

C9 Jumbo Wax Crayons

9 Jumbo Wax Crayons

Price: R36,00

B8 Medium Wax Crayons

10 Medium Wax Crayons.

Price: R29,60

A12 Thin Wax Crayons

12 Thin Wax Crayons.

Price: R15,50

Maped Triangle Plastix Crayons

Ultra-soft crayons in bright colours....

Price: R43,80

12 Triangular Grip Wax Crayons

Non-toxic, triangular shape assists in...

Price: R42,00

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